Bengals are a unique domestic breed that are descended from the crossing of the small Asian Leopard Cat (ALC) to the domestic cat.  They have a distinctly "exotic" look but a domestic temperament.  Bengals  are very active, playful and intelligent cats.  They like to climb up as high as they can get, and some of them may enjoy playing in water.  Although they are not decorative "couch potatoes," they may curl up beside you or on your lap at nap time.  They thrive under their owners' devoted attention and are a good choice for people who are looking for a gorgeous, high-energy, interactive companion pet.

Bengals have beautiful, soft coats adorned with striking rosettes or spots, or  intricate flowing marble swirls. Rosettes can come in a variety of shapes: donut shaped, "pawprint" or "arrowhead." The coat background color of the brown-spotted or marbled tabbies can range from every shade of gold from pale butter to orange-red gold, and cooler-toned sand to tawney, with black or dark brown markings. Bengals also come in several "snow" colors: seal-lynx, mink and sepia.  Silver is the latest coat color to be accepted.

Bengal males are usually not fertile until the 4th or 5th generation after the initial Asian-leopard cat to domestic cat cross.  Earlier generation infertile Bengal males are usually offered as pets.  However, females are fertile at every generation. After four or five generations of breeding Bengal to Bengal, they are accepted for championship competition by most international domestic cat associations. Our cats are all registered with TICA

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